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We want you to finish 2018 with a bang, so you can make 2019 the next best year of your life – full of wealth, happiness, and freedom!

So to help you do that, on this page only, we're offering gift cards for $100, $125, $150, $200 and $250 that you can apply to our online programs.

We wanted to make this as affordable as possible, so along with the gift cards, we also discounted our most popular courses by 71-90%!

If you want 2019 to be the year you achieve financial freedom and build a life you love, these programs are guaranteed to make next year your best year ever!

You may find yourself free to take the whole month off, earning passive income, and even enough saved up to splurge on a luxurious vacation for you and your loved ones...

Each course comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don't love it, return it. You have nothing to lose.

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You Have A $100 Gift Card
Towards The Following Courses:


SAVE 74%



Secrets Of Inner Power


How To Master Your Mind, Develop Your Character & Succeed No Matter What


Retail Price: $1495


Special Price: $395


With $100 Credit: $295


Stop dreaming of success & start living it – train your mind to work for you (instead of against you) in this enlightening 7-part video training by T. Harv Eker. It's one of our most powerful programs yet.



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"For The First Time I'm Confident I Will Succeed In My Life And In My Business."

"Thank you, Harv. I've learn a lot from this program and it's toally changed me into a new person. For the first time I'm confident I will succeed in my life and in my business. Thank you very much!"
- Jane Chong


SAVE 91%



Secrets Of The MultiMillionaire Trainer


Fill live (and online) events and deliver a powerful talk that can scale your business, build your authority, and impact thousands.


Retail Price: $5000


Special Price: $495


With $100 Credit: $395


You can make more money in a weekend than 99% of people do in a year. All by using Harv's secrets for becoming a sought-after speaker and trainer.



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"I Made Over $10,000 As A Result Of One, 1-Hour Webinar."

"I made over $10,000 as a result of one, 1-hour webinar. This is more than I used to earn training in a whole year! Thank you Harv!"
- Jared W.


SAVE 91%



Get Rich Doing What You Love


How To Find Your Purpose, Live With Passion, And Create Wealth


Retail Price: $747


Special Price: $249


With $100 Credit: $149


Get access to 4 step-by-step, in-depth modules with over 5 hours of transformational content personally taught by T. Harv Eker. You'll discover WHY you're on this Earth and what you want to do with your life… and package that up in a way to get rich doing what you love!



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"Thanks To This Program, I Finally Discovered My Life's Purpose..."

"For years I felt empty, lost and unfulfilled. I spent thousands of dollars and what felt like a lifetime searching for answers. Thanks to this program, I finally discovered my life's purpose and am finally living a life I love with true meaning."
- Joshua Hoffman


SAVE 76%



Million Dollar Business Secrets


Discover How To Create Wealth In Any Business You Choose... Using T. Harv Eker's Time-Proven Wealth Secrets


Retail Price: $997


Special Price: $249


With $100 Credit: $149


Million Dollar Business Secrets can take you from "broke" to multi-millionaire in under 2.5 years! Discover how to find a can't-miss business idea, become a master negotiator, and learn over a dozen secret ways to double or triple the revenue of any business almost overnight.



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"The Material In This Program Completely Blew It Out Of The Water."

"I have a double major in International Business and Marketing from the second-ranked business school in the world, plus 10 years real-world business experience – the material in this program completely blow it out of the water. Thank you!"
- Rick G.


SAVE 70%



The Wealthy Marketer


Marketing Secrets That Will Make You Rich


Retail Price: $997


Special Price: $297


With $100 Credit: $197


T. Harv Eker has put virtually everything he knows about money-making marketing into this program. The information in this course comes from over 30 years of experience and revenues of over 500 million dollars. Best of all, this is taught in a way that is simple, usable and most importantly, creates real wealth for people.



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"An Action Plan To Boost My Income On Demand."

"The Wealthy Marketer helped me develop a comprehensive marketing template for my business and all I have to do now is pull the trigger. So based on the strategies and tactics I now have an action plan to boost my income on demand. Thanks Harv for another slam dunk."
- Roberto Gonzalez


SAVE 78%



Step Up And Lead


A Simple And Powerful System That Makes Anyone A Great Leader


Retail Price: $797


Special Price: $177


With $100 Credit: $77


Command respect, inspire others, and win back your time. Discover how to hire and delegate work to rock star employees and contractors who do a great job. This course is perfect if you want to rise through the ranks of your company or if you are an entrepreneur who wants to cut your hours in half and rapidly scale your business.



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"Step Up And Lead Creates Great Leaders And Makes Already Great Leaders Into Extraordinary Leaders!"

"The information in Step Up And Lead takes the course far beyond any other leadership training I've had in over 18 years in corporate America. Step Up And Lead creates great leaders and makes already great leaders into extraordinary leaders!"
- Robert Goransson



You Have A $125 Gift Card
Towards The Following Bundles:



The Wealthy Warrior


Master your mind and create serious wealth with two of our best-selling products of all time!


First, use Secrets Of Inner Power to develop a strong, confident, unstoppable mind. Then, use Million Dollar Business Secrets to discover how to go from nothing to multi-millionaire within 2.5 years! All by following the same street-smart business secrets Harv used to do exactly that.


By combining these courses, you can't help but succeed. Because you get the knowledge, focus, and drive to become the next “overnight success” story.


Normal price for both courses: $2,492


Special Price: $644


With $125 Gift Card: $519





Mind Of Steel, Heart Of Gold


Conquer fear, procrastination, and self-doubt using Secrets Of Inner Power. Then, discover your true purpose through Get Rich Doing What You Love.


Together, these programs help you live a life of passion and fulfillment. No more mental blocks holding you back. No more getting drained by work that feels like “work”.


Instead, you'll be chomping at the bit to start each new day. Eager to unleash your potential. Knowing that every action you take is aligned with your deepest meaning and makes the world a better place.


Normal price for both courses: $1,042


Special Price: $644


With $125 Gift Card: $519





You Have A $150 Gift Card
Towards The Following Bundles:



Marketing Mastery!


Imagine a nonstop stream of leads and sales coming into your business day after day, along with the ability to create a “profit surge” and earn 6-figures any weekend you choose.


With the Marketing Mastery! Bundle, you'll discover how to deploy marketing systems that create predictable, recurring income. You'll learn surprising ways to maximize profits from each customer. And you'll know how to become the go-to authority in your industry – so customers flock to you!


This is a must-have package for anyone who wants to get their marketing handled once and for all. It includes: Secrets Of The MultiMillionaire Trainer, Million Dollar Business Secrets, and The Wealthy Marketer.


Normal price for all 3 courses: $6,994


Special Price: $1,041


With $150 Gift Card: $891





The Business Accelerator


Start, grow, or scale your business rapidly with this unique bundle. By combining Million Dollar Business Secrets and Step Up And Lead, you'll go beyond learning how to build a thriving business – you'll discover how to make that business run without you!


Add The Wealthy Marketer on top of that, and you'll have a business that brings in new sales non-stop. So you can collect paychecks each week – even if you take 2-3 months off at a time. You'll even be able to sell your business for a multi-million dollar cash windfall (like Harv did) if you choose.


Normal price for all 3 courses: $2,791


Special Price: $723


With $150 Gift Card: $573




Holiday 4-Pack


Choose Any 4 Programs And Save $200!

Customize your order and pick any four courses you want!


All of our programs are designed to work together. This is your chance to mix and match them to create a powerful bundle designed for YOU. So you can achieve your financial, business, and career goals as fast as possible.


Select four of the courses below and click CLAIM DEAL to add to your cart:


Ultimate Savings Bundle


Choose ANY 5 Programs And Save $250!

Can't decide which program is for you? Choose any 5, and you'll save $250 on your entire purchase!


This is our ultimate savings deal. If you have been thinking about joining our programs at some point, I highly recommend you jump in now. Because this is the best savings deal we've ever offered.


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“I Closed A $25,000 Deal.”

“Forever Changed The Way I View Business”

“I Am In Control Of My Life...”

“The Ultimate And Flawless Knowledge Bank!”

“Amazing Transformation With Each Program...”

“The Most Amazing Course I've Ever Taken...”

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